Selling a Home in Town and Country, Missouri

Selling a Home in Town and Country, Missouri

Only a few miles away from downtown St. Louis, the quiet suburbs of Town and Country provide residents the peaceful feel of a rural retreat with big-city amenities practically at arm's reach. Potential buyers are attracted to the area's diverse culinary landscape, array of retail shops, and a wealth of outdoor activities found in the 60 acres that make up the city's four local parks. While gorgeous homes and stunning views make the area popular among home buyers, the residential real estate market in the St. Louis area is very competitive. If selling a home in Town and Country, Missouri, is in your future, you'll need to know a little about the local real estate market and how to prepare your property for a simplified sales process.

Preparing your home for a sale

Before creating a listing to sell your home, you'll want to prepare your home to make it attractive to buyers and streamline the selling process. Even with many buyers seeking homes in Town and Country, the sales process can get complex. Learning about trends in the market and how to present your property to home seekers can give you an edge over the competition. These tips can help you prepare your home to sell.

Find the right selling agent

Selling a home is an intricate process with many requirements. You have to follow state and local regulations and understand specific drivers in the local housing market. A local real estate agent knows exactly how to position your home on the market and what tasks you need to take care of each step of the way. They can offer expert advice on what you should do before listing, how to time a sale, and how to set an accurate price. When seeking a selling agent, look for a realtor with several years of local experience and many positive reviews for selling similar properties.

Assess your home's value

Understanding your home's value is critical to setting an asking price. While your home will be professionally appraised and assessed for the sales process, you'll want a ballpark figure before determining your budget for upgrades and other selling requirements. You can gain an early estimate by checking the listing prices of comparable homes on the market. Those with the same number of beds and baths, similar square footage, and corresponding outdoor space to your own will have similar values. For a more accurate estimate, you can ask your agent to complete a competitive analysis.

Consider relevant upgrades

Renovations or upgrades can add value to your home. However, it's important to remember that not all upgrades will pay off in the sale. By considering upgrades that appeal to local buyers or those that consistently have a good return on investment (ROI), you can deliver results that have the potential to fetch a higher asking price on your home. Essential maintenance is considered the most important way to bring value to a home. If the roof is leaking or the plumbing system needs repairing, buyers won't get beyond that.

If your home doesn't need maintenance, you may want to consider popular features buyers are most likely to seek. Interior renovations that typically net the highest ROI in today's market include new hardwood floors or flooring refinish, insulation upgrades, and closet renovations.

Make an impression with staging

When buyers view a house, they want to imagine themselves living there. This can be difficult when your personal items make the home uniquely yours. Staging your home is the process of removing your personal effects and clutter and redecorating in a way that's likely to appeal to a wide audience. It allows buyers to envision living in a well-set-up home. Home staging is so effective that 81% of buyers' agents say it made it easier for their clients to visualize the property as a future home. You can have your home professionally staged or ask your real estate agent for tips on the steps you should take for successful staging.

Selling your home

Now that you have all the particulars in place, you're ready to list your home and make it available for buyers. The complete process of selling your home will take several weeks.

Marketing strategies for an impressive listing

Your home listing is what attracts buyers to your home. By taking steps to make it more appealing, you can bring in more buyers to tour the home. Begin by crafting your listing to bring out the most desirable features of your property. Make sure to include as many photos as possible and consider the value of a virtual tour. Don't forget to share information about the area and what it has to offer. For example, buyers will be interested in the home's proximity to downtown St. Louis and Longview Farm Park.

Professional realtors have direct access to the multiple listing service. Your real estate agent will post your listing on the database, as well as on their public website and social media platforms.

Scheduling virtual tours and open houses

After viewing your listing, interested buyers will want to see the home in person. Talk with your agent about the value of hosting an open house or whether private viewings will be more effective. If you've included a virtual tour in your listing, an open house may not be necessary, as buyers will already have a detailed impression of your home.

Considering offers and making negotiations

As offers start rolling in, you'll have the opportunity to discuss each one with your agent and gather advice about choosing the best one. Some offers might match your asking price or even exceed it, but the price won't be the only factor in choosing the best offer. You'll need to be sure buyers have strong financing to back these offers and consider any contingencies included in the offer. Your agent will help you understand the terms of your offers, and you may decide to make counteroffers before finalizing the deal.

Navigating closing

Once you accept an offer, your house is under contract. This is when the closing process begins. At this time, loan documents, the signed deed, and the buyer's earnest money will be placed in an escrow account.

During closing, the buyer may choose to have the home appraised. Once both parties are satisfied with all agreements, you'll complete the final paperwork and the escrow agent will transfer funds to your bank account.

Frequently asked questions about selling your Town and Country home

Can I sell my Town and Country home if it's not paid off yet?

Yes! It's common for sellers to go through with a sale while owing on a mortgage. As long as you have enough equity in the home to pay off the mortgage, you can pay it off during closing.

How can I speed up the sale of my property?

The best way to ensure a fast and seamless sale is to partner with a local real estate agent. Your agent can help you streamline the process to quickly get your listing on the market. You can spread publicity by posting information about the sale on your social media platforms and sharing information by word of mouth. Considering the intentions of buyers’ offers can also help you ensure a speedy sale, as some buyers may be interested in moving in quickly.

Is it the right time to sell a home in Town and Country?

Spring is typically the best time to sell a home in the St. Louis area. Homes listed in early May benefit from a 3.1% boost in the final sale price. By late May, the figure drops to 1.2%, before falling to the listing price in June. The worst time to sell a home in St. Louis is in late November when homes sell for a 3% discount.

Partner with Kim Jones for a successful Town and Country home sale

Though it's considered a seller's market, real estate in Town and Country can be tricky to navigate. When you're ready to sell your home, it pays to find the right partner to guide you through the process. Kim Jones is a skilled real estate agent experienced in helping homeowners get the most out of their home sale in Town and Country, Missouri. Contact Kim to learn more about selling your Town and Country home.

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